DURHAM, United Kingdom — Following the furore surrounding Seven Seas Entertainment cutting content from their licensed and translated light novel publications, tensions were renewed this week within the Japanese cultural enthusiast community when a professional translator omitted “senpai” as an honorific suffix from “Aoi-senpai”, protagonist of the hit manga series, Kanpai! Banzai no Yopparai Aoi-Senpai, officially licensed as Drunken Aoi’s Battlecry.

Commenting on Twitter, a third-year English university student going by the pseudonym BakaToRest, criticised the change, stating “it removes the Japanese essence of the series”. Prior to its shutdown, BakaToRest had been intermittently posting transliterated “scanalations” on Mangadex with…

*Spoiler Free Review*

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single manga reader in possession of good taste, must be in want of a waifu. More frankly, if the manga subreddit is anything to go by, what internet denizens truly crave is a wholesome, mutually supportive relationship between two characters who will make them feel vicarious joy.

Unfortunately, this is as difficult to find as a male romance protagonist who realises that a girl loves him. Off the top of my head, the recently licenced You Got Me Senpai! fits the bill, but most other pleasant relationships are locked…

Declan Biswas-Hughes

European and International Law. Pop Cultural Essayist. Avid Reader and Writer. Prone to long messages. Became a Kpop fan as a joke; now has a V-Live account.

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